Payments and Shipping

Q: Do you charge PST/GST on your products?
A. We are required to charge 7% PST on our products to residents in the province of British Columbia. GST however is not charged.

Q: Do you sell and ship internationally?
A: As a rule, we ship only to Canada. However, should you be from the United States, we will make an exception to this rule and make our products available to you. Please be aware that product costs may vary with the exchange rate. We will contact you with the shipping costs once your order is placed, provided you give us your full email address.

Q: What form(s) of payment do you accept?
A: Payment may be made by cred it card, cheque, debit card or bank to bank deposit thru Paypal. Please note that it is not required to have a Paypal account if paying with a credit card. They just do the processing of the payment. However, please contact us if you'd prefer to make another arrangement for payment.

Q: How long does it take for my order to arrive?
A: In-stock orders will be shipped within four business days of receiving your order and payment online. Should you wish to place a special order for an item, or need large quantities of any items, please give us at least 4 weeks notice to allow for shipping from Israel and then to your destination. We will work with you to give you the best price possible on large quantity orders of the same item.

Please be sure to give us your current e-mail address and phone no. should we need to be in touch with you about your order. Sometimes the quantities of certain products may not be available and we would like to notify you to offer any alternatives or substitutions.

Please Note: From time to time, suppliers send us different brands of products ordered to refurbish our stock. Light of the World Israeli Products reserves the right to send different brand names of the product ordered, as long as the product is similar and the same price. Anointing oils are one such product as suppliers change brands from time to time, however, the quality and scent will be the same. Thank you for your understanding.