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Created and soaked in prayer, The New Jerusalem is the newest line of premium holy anointing oils we are offering at very affordable prices! They are all hand crafted in Israel using 100% Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil from God's Covenant Land!

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The oil of a life that is enabled to be lived in uprightness and holiness through the grace of God. Ingredients: Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Israel mixed with Cinnamon essential oil. Cinnamon or "qinnamon" is a loan-word from the Greeks who again loaned it from the Phoenicians. Cinnamon is another one of the principal ingredients in the Holy Anointing Oil. This fragrant bark which is harvested twice a year, is one of the oldest recorded spices in history, and was in the old days considered as valuable as gold. Scriptures related with this can be found in: Song 4:14, Psalm 23:3, and Hebrews 5:8

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